Help wanted; this is the sign posted inside store windows everywhere; holiday season has officially arrived. Shopping centers are decorated and so…the hustle and bustle begins, along with long lines at checkouts. I mention this because I’ve already experienced longer lines with fewer employees and customers are dreading the inevitable; longer wait times and no ‘helpful’ employees. While waiting to be checked out (at a department store), the couple in front of me had turned around and made a comment… “It seems like this younger generation doesn’t care to work, not to mention smile” … so I responded “the world is much different now, and I’m not sure how it’ll all turn out.” They agreed, and so…the conversations began as we waited for the line to move. The couple I was talking with was retired and began expressing their disappointment in how much of our world has changed; the lack of respect among elders, technology and more. It was apparent that they longed for simpler times.

I’ve engaged in multiple conversations with strangers standing in lines recently, and the census is similar among most, including myself.  When we reach a certain age, it comes as no surprise that many of us refer to our past and how wonderful it really was. This reference (simpler times) has been around for decades, however…I believe that most are referring to simpler days, where computers aren’t running the world, ‘how’ children were raised, how people cared about others (including strangers), and how there were more law-abiding citizens. Simpler times meant daily lives weren’t run on rigid schedules, nor were people checking in on social media sites, and our roads weren’t filled with raging, aggressive drivers, with no regards to life; all of which I’ve discussed with people I don’t even know, but share the same feelings.

Reminiscent of past generations, we all discover at some time what we miss the most in our lives. Many will find themselves wishing for fewer distractions (cell phone & computer usage), while longing for better television viewing; less violent and better story plots. And what about morals and values…or religion for that matter; something that was taught for generations, now somewhat lost and not ensued.

Simpler times for me means visiting others without all the distractions, spending quality time with those we love, attending church and events for a cause, caring for and helping  others, having integrity and remembering what’s most important in life…your family, LIFE and LOVE. When I think of my own past, I miss the tea parties at my grandmothers and going just for a visit, I miss picnics in the parks, family gatherings (reunions) and large holiday get-togethers, I miss how friendly people were in general, they seemed kinder, more willing to help a stranger, and people VALUED people. It WAS SIMPLE…and for that, I loved it!

Make your week count.