Oct. 25, 1921: Myron Leavitt of Bunkerville, NV, is spending a few days in Gunlock on business.

Oct. 26, 1908: We now have a telephone line running through town, which makes it look like a little city.

Gardner Potter has just returned from Pine Valley where he went for potatoes.

Oct. 28, 1916: County Supt. G.F. Anderson has been visiting our school this week.

The high school had a party last night ate melons and a good time.

Warren Cox of St George was in town last week.

Oct. 30, 1915: Funeral service over the remains of Orson Leavitt were held last Saturday afternoon at the Ward hall (church). At large crowd followed to the cemetery, the pallbearers being Alma Thomas, Wlliam, Lemuel, John and Henry Leavitt.