Oct. 17, 1917: Messr. O’Brien and Summers of Salt Lake with Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Heatheste of St Petersburg, Florida were here the fore part of the week, looking over the project at the Narrows Mr Healthiest talked favorable of the project starting soon. He was well pleased.

Molasses making is in progress now. There is going to be somewhere near eighteen hundred gallons made in this little place, very good sorghum, too.

Oct. 18, 1911: All the Toblers and Wittwers who are relatives of old father and mother Tobler of Santa Clara have gone to part in the celebration of their Golden wedding.

Dam and ditch work is still going on.

Oct. 18, 1912: Miss Hervert Waite fell off a horse she was riding last Tuesday and was severely bruised and shaken up. She was unconscious for some time after help reached her.

Oct. 19, 1908: Mrs. Hannah Iverson was chopping wood the other day when a stick flew up and hit her on the forehead, hurting who quite badly.

Albert Frehner expects to start threshing Lucerne seed about the 20th. There will be a big crop of seed this year.

Henry Frehner and son Albert Frehner were raising a shed that was blown down and almost had it in place when it gave way, a cross beam striking Mr. Frehner on the head and causing a very sore neck.

Oct. 19, 1912: Miss Winoa Earl, daughter of Bishop J.I. Earl of Bunkerville, is the latest addition to the number of High school pupils in this city (Las Vegas)

Oct. 20, 1923: Wallace Pollock of Littlefield AZ was in Washington UT Sunday on his way back to Leeds after a truck load of grapes.