Oct. 14, 1923: Mr. Eldon Smith Leavitt and Miss Grace Eveline Cooper were married here in the St George Temple. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mendis D Cooper of Overton Nv the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D Leavitt of Bunkerville Nv.

Oct. 15, 1921:  Every day this week some of the men have been working on the streets in (Bunkerville) town Yesterday the teachers and students turned out with the men and all those working on the road. The ladies served hot dinner. The road will go through town west of the high school building then south to the old mill where it will strike the main well-traveled road.

Oct. 16, 1915: The branch of the Clark County high school located at Bunkerville has been christened Virgin Valley High School. Among the other activities connected with the district, the new high school is to be built, bids have been opened for that purpose yesterday. The Bunkerville district is second to none in the interest the people take in all school matters.

Oct. 16, 1919: The following Marriage licenses have been issued by the county clerk of Washington UT. Leonard Ernest Pulsipher of Mesquite Nv and Juanita Leavitt of Bunkerville Nv Oct 9 married in the St George Temple

Oct. 16, 1923: The Southern Nevada Agricultural Fair begins October 17 at Las Vegas qand is well represented by the people of the Virgin and Moapa Valleys in products of all kinds. The high school here is also well represented Mr. Fordham our music teacher is playing an important part in displaying the musical talent. There are at least 40 students taking part in vocal and instrumental selections. They will leave tomorrow morning while many of our towns people have gone today.