Photo courtesy of Lily Lawrence.

A tall plume of smoke was visible in Mesquite Friday afternoon as one resident in the Santa Barbara subdivision experienced a frightening event.

According to Captain Shawn Tobler, with Mesquite Fire Rescue, one man was returning to his Via de Fortuna home in his UTV (Utility Vehicle) and parked in the driveway when he noticed it had caught on fire. The fire quickly spread, causing multiple explosion sounds that could be heard for blocks around.

The man was able to escape, but sustained burns from the initial contact. He was transferred to University Medical Center Burn Center with non life-threatening injuries, as he was walking around the scene when emergency crews arrived.

Tobler stated that the fire had spread to the truck also parked in the resident’s driveway, becoming fully engulfed in flames and had spread to the exterior of the house/garage area.

“There was significant damage to the exterior of the house due to the incident,” Tobler said. “But thankfully we were able to prevent it from moving into the house.”

The condition of the resident has not been confirmed and no update on his condition was available at the time of this story.


Photo courtesy of Kim King.