Mesquite Council-members and City Management,

Attached to this e-mail, please find an excerpt from the two Collective Bargaining Agreements (Hereafter CBAs) between The City of Mesquite, NV., and Teamsters Local Union No. 14.  Each CBA was approved at the August 13, 2019 Regular City Council Meeting. I have again high-lighted potions, which clearly indicate there are specific provisions for The City interacting with, and dealing with its public employees, in regards to employment matters and discipline.


As stated at the August 13 meeting, this now makes 5 CBAs, that have very recently been before Mayor, Council, The City Manager, et al. Consequently, there should be full awareness of the untruthfulness of Al Litman’s multiple claims, that The City has no authority. I’m hopeful, that the attached materials will be recognized by each of you, as showing that The City of Mesquite is not a City where no accommodations exist for dealing with documented instances of unethical/unlawful conduct by public employees.


Instances of misconduct by specifically identified City personnel, have been neglected by The City for nearly ten years now. As I understand it, The City Manager, under the current form of governance The City of Mesquite is using, appears to have ample authority to deal with these long-standing, unaddressed, serious issues. I might suggest that he do so, before the date his resignation takes effect, so that the incoming City Manager isn’t stuck dealing with something that could have, and should have, long ago been resolved.


Thank you,



Adam Leverenz