In their Second Annual Mudd Volleyball Tournament at the Eureka Casino, the Mesquite Rotary brought a morning of fun and entertainment that had some special plans in store for participants and the audience. With tunes provided by DJ#Juan of Mesquite, the atmosphere was set for a fun time.

After some preparations of the courts were finalized, a ‘Round Robin’ bracket began between the five teams, including a team from Mesquite Fire & Rescue and the Mesquite Police Department. Last year, the two departments were unable to get things together in time, but they made sure they were prepared for this year.

Other teams competing this year included a Shelter Insurance team, Beaver Dam High School Interact Club and Mesa View Regional Hospital.

Although the Fire Department had won all of their matches with the other teams, they were unable to overcome the Police Department, who had won all of their matches right to the very end, earning them the largest trophy and being dubbed as the Studs of the Mudd 2015 in the Challenge Match.

For the rest of the tournament, Shelter Insurance, led by Joe Aquino, took first place with the BDHS Interact Club coming behind in second and MVRH rounding out in third.

“It went much better this year,” noted Rotarian Linda Gault. “We’re looking at changing some things up for next year that will hopefully bring more teams out!”

Some of those things include business-sponsored teams and individuals who don’t have a full team, but want to play. Anything is possible here in Mesquite, and this appears to be one of the many events the community will continue to build.

Gault added, “Thank you to our sponsors: Eureka Casino & Resort, Kokopelli Landscaping, Larry LeMieux, Reliance Connects, Redd Hills Cinema, Danielle’s Chocolates, City Shoppes Embroidery, Royal Sanitary Services, Smith’s Food & Drug Center, DJ#Juan, Mesquite Police Department, Mesquite Fire Department and a big thank you to all of the players and teams.”

For video of one of the points, check out the Facebook page for Mesquite Local News!


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2015-04-11 10.11.08

Mesquite Fire & Rescue Team

2015-04-11 10.10.19

BDHS Interact Team

2015-04-11 10.41.47

Mesquite Police Department

2015-04-11 10.12.32

Mesa View Hospital Team


2015-04-11 10.12.08

Shelter Insurance

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2015-04-11 11.52.55

2015-04-11 11.53.14