After the 4th of July celebrations it may be time to reflect on the changes that are happening to our country. As the fireworks filled the night skies with bright stars of light and the firecrackers could be heard almost all night, the newspapers and networks pounded our President relentlessly. He could do nothing right and his very words were insulting to some.

Never could I remember such vicious attacks and insulting comments. Election excitement and claims are the talk of the day but after the election the winner begins to change the country to match their platform. The Presidents in the past were treated with respect and the loyal opposition worked for compromise that served the American people. Not so today.

No longer do all Americans rally behind the new President, no longer do those in the press report the news, they make-up much of the news themselves. People rally instead for anarchists and violence, against the capitalist system which has made more people rich and comfortable than anything before. People flocked to America to work hard to earn wealth and safety.

Today many support socialism and have no idea the failures that system has brought. All they have to do is look at those countries that follow that system to see the failures. Bernie Sanders is a good example of a socialist leader, millions supported his campaign and voted for him, yet most do not have any idea of the changes to our society his socialism would require. Even at its best, in a country like Sweden that provides birth to death benefits, does not provide opportunity to become rich, everyone is taxed so highly that it is next to impossible to acquire capital to start a business or a new venture. Yet the people are taken care of with education, health and housing.

The change that is occurring in our country is that many, many native born Americans would rather have security than opportunity. Through the early part of our country’s history, people were all looking for opportunity but it now turns out security is winning people over. It seems like immigrants are the ones looking for opportunity by starting small businesses working long hours in small stores and even cab drivers working to build wealth and improve their lifestyle.

The Democratic Party has moved so far left that it rails against our capitalist system by demanding that we tax the rich to pay for those who do not want to work. They demand we provide free health care for the so called poor, free food and in some cases free higher education to those who do not contribute to society. Many people choose that lifestyle as long as someone else pays the bills. Pride in a job is no longer respected and in some cases laughed at for working so hard when you can get free stuff if you just vote Democratic.

We now have a President that supports our capitalist system and he is attacked at every opportunity. Yet he is someone who used our system to become super wealthy, who sees the value of hard work and long hours, somehow that is no longer in fashion. When you talk to the working people they heavily support him and those that are the takers do not. Yes there are some liberals with great wealth like Nancy Pelosi who is worth millions, yet gives just a tiny fraction to support their own personal charity. They talk the talk of redistribution of wealth but they don’t walk their talk.

America is at the crossroads, will we turn away from the greatest wealth producing system the world has ever known and take the security road?  Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty” (opportunity), “to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” How true that is.