My last article was about how to deal with gun violence where I asked for ideas but unfortunately I got nothing useful. So, here are some of my ideas to reduce gun violence.

We should have 4 levels of gun training and evaluation. The biggest problem with this solution is the records keeping, as most gun owners do not want the government to have records of everyone who has a gun. That is a big problem because that gives the government a list of who to confiscate guns from and that should not exist but let’s deal with that later.

The first level could be red and it would be anyone under the age of 18 years of age or younger which has a mentor who is a gun owner or parental permission if the parent is not the mentor. The mentor would take responsibility for training the youth in gun safety and use.

Next would be white level for those over 18 who want to own a long gun. This would require a two-day (14 hour) training program conducted by a licensed trainer and a computer generated phycological evaluation. Both of which must agree on the fitness of the applicant and require the trainer to sign-off on the use of the weapon and state their opinion of the stability of the person. Next would be the physiological profile which would be evaluated by a licensed practitioner who would also signoff on the mental stability of the applicant.

The blue level would be for those over 18 who want to own a hand gun. This would require a 7-hour training program by a licensed instructor and a computer generated phycological evaluation which would have to be evaluated by a licensed practitioner who would be required to sign off. For a concealed carry permit some states might require additional training.

Green: A returning veteran who had a good conduct discharge, would only be required to take the computer generated physiological evaluation as they all have had weapons training. All of these levels are designed to make sure the person owning a weapon knows how to handle it and detect any red flags by the physiological evaluation.

All of this would put us in a much safer position but would not stop some people whose life changes. In those cases, we would need an easy path to report someone who may be a danger to the community and allow a quick evaluation of the situation. For permanent loss of the right to own a firearm would require a court action and if appealed, a court trial.

Additionally, anyone who commits a mass shooting or other mass murders would be buried in an unmarked grave somewhere the wilderness. Yes, sad for relatives but such a crime requires something a little different and loss of any notoriety and any respect.

My ideas, what are your thoughts?