At their July 20 meeting, the Mesquite Works board voted to move forward with lease negotiations to tentatively operate at 12 W Mesquite Blvd Suite 107 and opening their doors to job seekers on or shortly after September 6. That office location used to house the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce prior to their relocation to the Bank of Nevada building in January 2015.

With a projected budget of $100,000 for the first operating year, the group hopes to utilize its volunteers to kick start the program and gain enough traction to have a better chance of obtaining future grant funds. $40,000 of that projected budget is set towards services donated by key volunteer positions such as the Program and Operations Manager, Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator and the Accountant.

In other business, the board called for volunteers to collaborate on several key committees that will be essential for the success of Mesquite Works. Such committees include focusing on education, fundraising, public outreach, volunteer coordination and finance.

The board also increased their membership by accepting Vernon Robison of the Moapa Valley Progress and Robert Fuller of Mesa View Regional Hospital as voting members. Robison is also the key representative for the Moapa Valley area.

Anyone wishing to contribute their time, experience or tax-deductible funds to Mesquite Works can email Brandy Jenkins at or call 702-208-8445.