Dear Editor

Amy Marshall sounded distressed and pretty angry in her recent letter blaming President Trump for the shootings in El Paso. She’s certainly entitled to her opinion but I believe her comparison of Trump to Charles Manson and presupposing the supporters of both possess cult like tendencies was a little much. I have been unfavorably compared to various life forms in the past, but being likened to a member of the Manson cult is quite a stretch.

In addressing Trump supporters she states “Realize your mistake–we won’t judge you”. I don’t know who the rhetorical “we” are, but frankly that sounds a little cultish and makes me wonder whether we’ll be absolved before or after our internment in the re-education camps.

Unfortunately for her, her preferential candidate lost an election 2 1/2 years ago and she can’t seem to get over it. Nonsensical shootings are a shame and there are no easy answers, but they’ve happened under previous administrations and no one blamed the sitting President. Hatred is a powerfully devastating emotion and I hope she can get some help to resolve hers. Trump is not a lifelong sentence and unless he gets another television show she’ll only have to put up with him for a maximum of another 5 1/2 years.

Jimmy Wike