July 26, 1912: Pioneer day was celebrated in this town (Washington UT) the towns of Bunkerville and Mesquite joining. At 9:30 there was a Pioneer Parade followed by all day entertainment and ending with a lively dance.

July 27, 1908, Bunkerville: Horace Jones and Will Macdonald of Overton were over to spend the 24th and it might be that they came to see the girls also, but if they didn’t come to see the girls perhaps it was to play baseball or to see our country. At any rate they had a good time and were last seen driving out of town wearing a sombrero belonging to one of the young ladies.

July 30, 1910: Edward I. Cox of Bunkerville was one of the prominent figures at the republican meeting Tuesday night.

James S. Abbott, postmaster at Bunkerville, and one of the best-known residents of that section, assisted Tuesday evening with the republican mass meeting. Bishop Jos. I Earl left for Moapa Saturday with grapes from the grape farm to ship to Utah points. From Moapa he will go to Overton to visit his children, Mrs. W.L. Jones and some who are working there.

Water was got into the ditch tonight and a few people have got it at their gardens. A phone message has just come from Littlefield that another large flood is on its way down, that means the dam is going out again.

July 31, 1909: Our people was greeted this morning with the booming of cannon. This is Pioneer Day. During the night we had beautiful rain, the second one this week and there was a freshness about the air that is really bracing.

The third crop of alfalfa is most all up and the thrashers are busy separating the grain from straw.

Jas. S Abbott sowed 2 1/4-acre plot to dry land wheat last fall and recently threshed his crop and it so happened that he threshed a better crop of wheat from his plot of ground (grown without water) than any other farmer has done on ground irrigated. It was somewhat of a surprise to the farmers and it is likely that the same method will be followed by many next season.

The raisin crop is good this year.