Remember the days of asking your friends or neighbors ‘what cable company they were using?’ I know I do, and those days are gone, not to mention…it was a time when you knew your neighbors.  I recall years ago asking the visitor’s bureau in Nevada who their providers were…as far as internet, phone and cable, as it was quite limited out in the middle of the desert. I think it’s simply amazing at all the choices we have today…and it is a sign of the times, because everyone is busy…24/7. Welcome to another new era of television.

Roku televisions have a multitude of apps which are there for your viewing; though many ask you to sign up for a fee or offer a week free. It’s worth checking all of them out. I have grown to love the Pluto Channel, or should I say the app? They show older movies with a lot of variety; dramas, comedies, court shows, among other stuff (pet channels, Indie movies & more). Pluto also offers a channel called the Nature Vision, as well as SLOW TV ‘All Aboard’ scenery from a trains’ view’. The nature vision channel is picturesque…with sunsets, waterfalls, 4 seasons, ocean fish and even a crackling fireplace at times; it’s fantastic! The railways will sound as if you’re on the train, traveling through tunnels along the mountain sides of Europe…as well as other countries. I’m clearly hooked on Pluto.  Actually, I love the Roku TV.

Most people are streaming what they want to watch these days, which includes Pod Casts and other channels. In fact, anyone can sign up for a YouTube channel and try to create something you think others will want to watch; television viewing is bigger than ever with options that are endless. You could become the next You Tube Star if you get over a million likes. But besides all that…the way people watch television is constantly changing with every passing year. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that some of the apps were being offered through different kinds of TV (such as Roku & Netflix); which I finally found myself more familiar with, though it took enough time. In the beginning I didn’t believe I’d like the change with TV…but have now embraced it. Fewer commercials, better programming and an endless variety to choose from; I guess I’m just trying to keep up with all of the technology…no matter how slow I am. Anyhow…explore your options for the way you view your preferred programs, because let’s face it…cable companies make it difficult for you to sometimes keep certain channels, as they come with a package deal, while hiking up your costs. Be smart and choose what’s best for you and your household viewing; say goodbye to cable.

Make your week count.