Dear Editor,

Ed MacKenzie in his last active role with the Virgin Valley Theater Group in the 2014 Production of Twelve Angry Jurors

I am grateful beyond words for the generosity of the Eureka in general, for what they do for the entire community and Doris’ wonderful contribution/founding of the Fourth of July celebrations; there aren’t many better than the Lee’s and Eureka employees.

I do hope that in Mr. Lee’s dedication to his mother and the future of the MCT, he doesn’t diminish the beginnings of the Mesquite Community Theater and Virgin Valley Theatre Group, Ed MacKenzie’s memory or his family’s memories by neglecting to include him someway in the new dedication.

Ed MacKenzie fought for 11 long hard years to establish both the Virgin Valley Theatre Group and the Mesquite Community Theatre building. Ed passed away early this year and a celebration of his life was held at the theatre on May 11. It was suggested, that day, that a proposal go before City Council to rename the theater in honor of Ed MacKenzie; I am disappointed to learn that isn’t going to happen. My disappointment doesn’t diminish my excitement about Doris’, and her family’s, generous donation which will bring the theater into the future and no doubt offer another venue for the Eureka to bring in some great entertainment. The theater, while utilized by our own talented groups, has been underutilized by others for years: it’s really a great little venue.

Without Ed, the theater group or theater building wouldn’t exist as it now stands. Without the help of the early pioneers, people like Susan Bennett, Pat Reber, Bunny Wiseman and last by certainly not least, Bob Nelson, the theater would still be a run-down elementary school gymnasium/auditorium; nothing like it looks today. They all worked very hard to establish a venue for the arts in the first place, my hope is that Mr. Lee will invite plenty of good Karma into the future by including a dedication and honoring the pioneers of the past.

Thank you, Mr. Lee; I’m sure the future will be much brighter because you all; please don’t let people forget the past as well.


Teri Nehrenz

Disclaimer: While I am a reporter for the Mesquite Local News, these thoughts do not reflect the MLN’s opinions. Opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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