Last week’s democratic debates were a real eye opener for tax payers. It proved to be a good insight into the candidates thinking and plans for our future, with very generous offers for buying votes. Things like free college and free health care seem like something most would want. That is until you think about who is going to pay for it. But the voters that they are appealing to do not want to think about paying for something, they just want it.

Free college for all might give us a more educated workforce if colleges would teach skills that are useful.  Philosophy, Gender studies and Anthropology are some of the most useless degrees available. Not many companies want or need a philosopher.  Some wonder what ever happened to wood shop, medal shop and automotive repair classes. However, free sounds great because you can even study popular music and movies, no jobs, but fun anyway.

Unfortunately, before free college we should get rid of that pesky college loan balance that some owe, somewhere around 1.25 trillion dollars. This would allow those of us who took jobs instead of “off to college” to pay for those who got educated so they could make more money. Some worked their way through school but lucky enough they too can help pay-off the debit of others that just went to college.

Free health care for all also seems like something that would be nice to have. But it costs a lot, our older citizen have contributed to Medicare during the time they worked so in their retirement there would be a safety net. Yet I heard that it would be for all including illegal aliens which seems like it would increase the cost several fold. The part that I just do not get is why do people who have not paid for coverage and are into our country illegally get into the system?

Somehow it seems like the candidates want to help illegals more than say our veterans or even working tax payers. I guess it is the idea that if we take from those that have earned something and then give it to someone who just wants it or even needs it; somehow it will all work out. The problem is that those that work will see that what they earned is taken from them by taxes and given to someone else.  Soon the working person sees that it does not pay to work and they quit or maybe just show up like many government employees do now in socialist countries.

Wait! Let’s tax the rich corporations who take all our money to make a profit which they give to their shareholders, like mutual funds or 401ks. Many people, who do not work, do not have a 401ks; mutual funds or stocks so any reduced payout from over taxed corporations does not affect them until the price of the product or service go up. The fact is that corporations do not pay taxes they just collect them for the government. How can that be true? That works because if you raise taxes on the corporation they increase the price of their products or services to the consumer. So you just pay the extra corporation tax when you buy the product which now cost more because the new tax is built in.

So who pays for all these new benefits? Today’s worker until he/she see that much of what they earn is given to someone else, not the corporations who just pass the costs on. Who pays, who knows, who cares as long as it is free. Do you want this?