June 12: Graduating class of 1931 had 21 graduates  They were Perry Abbott,  Rulon Abbott, Stephen Abbott, Kay Bunker, Reva Bunker, Willie Gaton, Cyril Granger, Grace Hafen, Marion Hughes, Lavon Jensen, Marjorie Knight,Newell knight, Lauerdia Lowe, Donna Pulsipher, Lewis Pulsipher, Zella Pulsipher, Iva Reber, Allene Tobler, Iren Tobler, Mildred Tobler and Donna Waite.

June 1928: The fine for running a stop sign was $299.00

June 21, 1910:  Samuel Reber Jr Has been to Modena after his gasoline engine and pump to irrigate his farm with. We are anxious to see it run as there are others who are expecting install one if it is a success.

June 21, 1911, Littlefield: Harvest is over and there is a good crop of grain in the bins. It is unusual thing to have the grain threshed before July, it being on account of three threshing machines in the county.Some of the third cutting of lucern is in bloom and will be ready to cut in two weeks. Cane is being planted with heavy acreage this year. Tomatoes are ripe and melons are turning, will be ripe by the fourth of July. We are having more wind than usual.

June, 23, 192: Bunkerville had a hailstorm and flood. The hail stones were as large as hen’s eggs. Because of the banks of hail residents of Bunkerville were able to enjoy ice cream into June.

June 25, 1898, Littlefield, AZ: This place is situated in the northwest corner of Arizona and was first settled by T.J. Graf, C. Stucki and H Frehner. the young settlers worked hard to make a living. Their dam was being constantly washed out during high water, their ditches being filled up and their crops going short on water In consequence threatening them with starvation. Two of them got discouraged and moved out to Santa Clara leaving Frehner alone. He had a very hard time of it as cattle kept breaking down his fence and destroying his crops, but he struggled faithfully on. The his brother A. Frehner came to his aid and decided to make a home there. Since then things have prospered until now we number 58 inhabitants. The two Frehner men are independent men. Crops are excellent, Harvest is over and the second crop of lucerne is ready to cut. Threshing will commence next week. J.R