Are we experiencing an outbreak of Mad Crowd Disease throughout the United States? Animals have their times of recklessness, where they will do anything to support their madness. Today whole groups of people seem to have fixed their minds upon one thing and gone mad. Sometimes millions of animals become captivated with one thought, just like lemmings jumping into the sea.

We have reached that point with the mob’s focus on Donald Trump. It is he who they pursue with irresponsibility and insanity. In the last few months, they reached a point where people have become a pack, where there is no more individuality and they begin behaving as a mob. They want to seize power and take control.

It has become an anti-Trump frenzy where some are screaming “Trump is unfit for office and must be impeached!” All of this comes from the opposition party and a large part of the media.

Just listen to CNN or MSNBC which go on for hours about the half-dozen talking points. People who folks have never heard of are talking about; “Russia”, “James Comey”, “Impeachment”, “Sources say”, “Obstruction of Justice”, on and on like some kind of machine that is stuck on replay.

But think of the facts, there has been an FBI investigation into Russian interference with the U.S. election for about 9 months which has discovered nothing. Both houses of Congress also have been investigating Russian inference in our election and have found nothing binding Trump to anything.

James Comey who worked for Donald Trump should have been fired the day Trump was inaugurated. His firing was demanded by the Democrats up to a few weeks ago.  The accusation that he was fired to stop an investigation into Michael Flynn’s alleged “ties to Russia” is false. Investigation do not stop just because the top guy is fired, they only stop when there is a conclusion up or down.

Did Donald Trump “leak” or otherwise reveal “highly classified” national security secrets to the Russian Ambassador when he met with him? Trump’s National Security Advisor, H. R. McMaster, a true Patriot, said he did not and the whole story is ridiculous on its face.

What many of the critics are really saying is that they do not like Donald Trump and he should not be President so let’s find a way to impeach him. If we cannot find anything let’s create one so we can correct the mistake of the election of 2016. Some people just cannot believe that the ill-informed multitudes voted for and elected Donald Trump.

These efforts are nothing less than an attempt to reverse the results of last year’s Presidential election.  All of this is supported by many in the media and the swamp dwellers in Washington who have caught the “Mad Crowd Disease.” An Alien organism has invaded their living space and is trying to change their living conditions. That alien (Trump) must be destroyed if they are to stay in power.

Donald Trump represents a threat to the swamp people and their supporters which brings on the Mad Crowd Disease symptoms. So far Trump has left them powerless and anyone who listened to his speech in Saudi Arabia heard a real President speak and the world listened.

The hysterical anti-Trump mainstream media’s reporting on Trump seems to be all negative but, he is having successes on many fronts. There is the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and nomination of many federal judges, there is Trump’s energy policy, which will make the United States the world’s leading energy producer, there is his battle against burdensome EPA regulations. There has even been progress in dismantling of Obamacare. His tax-plan, which if the Republicans can get together, will be an enormous spur to growth

However, it wouldn’t matter what Trump accomplished, the media, having been infected with the crowd disease cannot accept any Trump success. “He must fail” or they would be wrong and that cannot be.

Some people may think that the anti-Trump legion is winning because if you listen to MSNBC or CNN that is all they hear “Trump is a disaster.” Look at the “The New York Times” or “The Washington Post” it is all the same story from the same script.

But it is all an illusion sometimes presented by good magicians but the results are beginning to show through, progress is being made. Yes it will be slow because of all the swamp dwellers that are fighting for their livelihood. The only question is have you been infected with Mad Crowd Disease or are you still an independent thinker.