These kittens are about 9 weeks old and have had their first vaccines and been dewormed.  They are very sweet kittens and we are accepting applications at this time.  They will not leave WCFA until after they are altered and we have done home checks and approved potential adopters.   

If you are interested in any of our pets, please go to  where you can see all of our adoptable pets and you can complete an adoption application. For more information call us at 702-346-3326 (voicemail), call Karen at 435-862-9574 or Linda at 702-376-1642. Next pet adoption is June 1,  9 a.m. – noon at 150 North Yucca, Suite 1, Mesquite.   Questions? Email us at  Follow us on Facebook at  Please call us to schedule a visit with our pets at a mutually convenient time.

We will have some pet items (such as clothing) for sale at our pet adoption on June 1.



Other Available Pets


Cats do not enjoy being confined in a cage.  The cats we have for adoption show best in a home environment.  If you see a cat you like, to truly see his or her personality, you should contact us to arrange a time, at your convenience, to meet the cat in his/her foster home.  Some of our sweetest cats can come across as cranky or withdrawn when they are placed in the crate for viewing.  Please give these felines a chance by meeting them “outside the cage.”  Taking one of these felines for a sleep over is another way to get to know them better before adopting.  Ask us about our sleep over policy.

Angel is 9 years young. She is in great health. Angel is a very loving, sweet natured lady. Her owner’s health required her to turn Angel over to us. Angel is used to a quiet home and would do well with a nice couple or a single person. She loves to be petted and brushed. Angel will make a great companion. She is a beautiful, long haired, dilute calico.  Angel is up to date on vaccines and is spayed.

Fiona and Rascal are a bonded pair of young cats looking for a new home.  Fiona is about 1 ½ years old and a ring tailed, short haired tabby.  She is a lap cat and is very playful.  Rascal is a short haired tabby, ring tailed and has white on his legs and chest. He is about two years old, playful and loves to burrow under blankets.  Both cats are altered, micro chipped and current on vaccines.

We have five more kittens that will be available several weeks from now.  Two boys are black and the three girls are black and white.

DOGS—No dogs available at this time.  Please check the Mesquite Animal Shelter.


WCFA offers a wonderful low-cost/free opportunity to spay/neuter your pets to prevent accidental litters and keep your pet happy and healthy. We will always alter feral cats to be released back in their environment.  Our target areas are Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip.  Spay/Neuter Assistance Applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way.  You may also call WCFA at  702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit to contact us by email.  Half of all litters born in the U.S. are accidents that overburden shelters and rescues. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU NEED HELP WITH SPAY/NEUTER.

6 Reasons You Might Let Your Cat Out, And Why Not To

This post was originally published on the  HYPERLINK “” Petfinder blog.

By Jane Harrell, associate producer

Every day you hear from guilt-ridden pet parents about the awful things that happened to their cats when they went outside — they were hit by cars, attacked by predators, infected with diseases or they just disappeared.

But many people still let their cats outdoors — often with misplaced good intentions. Here are some of the most common reasons people let their cats outside, and safer, indoor alternatives.

Myth 1: Indoor cats get bored.

Fact: The truth is, indoor cats can and do get bored, but letting them outside is not a good solution.

Instead, make your home more interesting: Set up perches where he can watch birds from the safety of inside, build a  HYPERLINK “” DIY cat playhouse, hide his food or  HYPERLINK “” modify his feeder so he has to “hunt” for it.  Finally, if your cat is amenable to it, you might consider adopting a second cat as a playmate.

Myth 2: Indoor cats are overweight.

Fact: If your cat is overweight, the safest way to help her trim down is by combining portion control and a daily exercise and play routine.

Stop free-feeding your cat, or at least be mindful only to feed a healthy amount per day. (Yes, cats do overeat. You can consult your vet about how many calories your cat should be eating in a day.)

Have a cat who won’t stand for an empty food dish? Keep him distracted with the activities mentioned above —  HYPERLINK “” the feeder toy would be perfect for him. If you feed wet food, try stuffing a smaller dog’s toy (like a Kong) with the food so your cat will have to work to get the food out. You could also choose to use an  HYPERLINK “