The 2019 Beaver Dam High School graduation ceremony was held in the gymnasium which was full of friends and family members waiting for the moment their son, daughter, grandchild or friend walked across the stage to accept the coveted diploma.

Twenty-six graduate candidate students lined up in the halls to sneak peeks at the class slide show arranged by Student Council President Cesar Ruiz. Anticipation and emotions were running wild as the students realized that their last evening in Beaver Dam High School was quickly approaching an end. Excitement about what would lie ahead for many mixed with the bittersweet memories of the classmates and good times they might be leaving behind.

Eleven graduate candidates will possibly graduate with honors. Each program is printed with a disclaimer “The honor listed are projection based on course work completed through the fall semester and the latest weekly eligibility report of 2018-2019. These honors are subject to change after the posting of final grades.”

Class President, Ruiz, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the occasion. Class Valedictorian, Tanner Rumell Reber and Salutatorian, Alexandra June Frickberg both presented eloquent speeches. Honored Speaker, Greg Johnston’s speech about how the small schools have more opportunities than the larger schools Johnston pointed out that there is far more competition for those monies in larger, more crowded schools and the chances for obtaining your piece of the pie is much slimmer. Ms. Cindy Stevens also gave a warm and encouraging speech to the future writers of their own story.

Students waited patiently for the moment their name was called and gracefully accepted what was to be the proof of their lifelong accomplishments so far, and the beginning of pursuing their dreams that are yet to come true.

As Ruiz led the class in the turning of the tassels whoops and hollers could be heard from students and parents, some who thought “We’d never see the day.”

Parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and other invited guests certainly felt the moment, but none felt it as much as the twenty-six graduate candidates who danced their way out of the gymnasium having worked hard to “Feel this Moment” themselves.