May 17, 1910: Apricots and peaches are ripe, and we expect to have a good crop of each. The harvesting of grain will commence in about two weeks. The weather is nice and cool, but we had a severe windstorm Sunday. A good rainstorm would be appreciated just now.

H.P. Iverson has his house ready to put the roof on, and he expects to be living in it within the month.

May 19, 1900, Littlefield: Atkin Bros.of St George are rounding up horses.

Edward Bunker and wife of Bunkerville are visiting their son, Stephen, here.

May 21,1908: James P Sprunt, the vice president of the Rio Virgin Irrigated Fruits Lands Co and vice president of the Moapa Valley Railway Co. was in St George.  Mr. Sprunt that he had started the men to work laying out the trench for the foundation of the lower dam, and that the engineers would commence surveying for the railroad and also for the canals inside ten days. Teams had already been bought at Bunkerville for the surveyors. He expected it would take the engineers about sixty days to finish their surveys.  The intention was to make the first survey for the railroad from Moapa to the mouth of the Beaver Dam Wash.

May 21, 1912: Mr. Turnbeaugh of Muddy Valley was here with a moving picture show which pleased us all.

May 22,1914, Littlefield: Miss Myrtle Granger of Mesquite, has been visiting a few days, was the guest of Miss Evelyn Reber. She expects to leave for her home tonight accompanied by Evelyn Reber who expects to visit there for a few weeks.

The boys are all out on the range hunting cattle. This is a busy time of year for all the cowboys in town. (This the moment that Howard Pulsipher met Myrtle Granger, they went on to be married over 50 yrs.)