April 18, 1916: Mr. and Mr. Dudley Leavitt have gone to the Rushton Ranch in the Moapa Valley to visit their daughter Mrs. Fred Rushton.

Quite a number of autos have been through our town lately.

Orange and Washington Leavitt are home from Grand Gulch (Mine).

April 22, 1916: Mrs. Lena Leavitt and Daughter Melvina have gone to Las Vegas to visit with Newel Leavitt and family.

April 23, 1915: Our school closed today for this season and they are giving a dance tonight. the schools rendered a program last night, which the people enjoyed very much.

April 24, 1915: C.M. Peterson was taken to his home in Littlefield this week , very sick, supposed to be poisoned from eating canned meat.

April 24, 1915: The river quite high, keeps men and teams busy all the time keeping water in the ditch (irrigation canal).