In recent news, a technology group in Dallas Texas was stormed by ICE, as they were found to be employing over 280 illegal immigrants. As I listened to the story unfold, my interest became heightened, mostly because of the issues surrounding identity thefts in the U.S. But while some may look at this story differently, I couldn’t help but wonder…where did they get their social security numbers in order to work? Our Federal Laws require everyone to have a SSN, so my curiosity led me to several published articles, while researching government statistics, including our SSA (Social Security Administration).

It is extremely important today that everyone review your social security statement online at ; they no longer send them out. In fact, they recommend that you review it every month, due to the growing numbers of SSN Fraud. In 2018 the SSA estimated that every three out of four illegals (including DACA recipients) possess a SSN that belongs to someone else, while reporting staggering numbers in fraudulent use of social security numbers; nearly 39 million. This has caused the ‘black market’ to thrive as many of them are seeking ways to purchase a number, among other things. People are buying personal information every day from inside sources; names, drivers’ licenses, passports, SSN and more.

If you haven’t checked your credit reports and SSN account recently, I highly recommend doing so; early detection is vital. You can contact the IRS online or call 1-800-908-4490 if you suspect someone else is using your number for work or filing taxes with it. The IRS has a theft affidavit form (14039) that they provide as well. You may also look at which is a help center that has phone numbers to all reporting credit agencies ‘Fraud Division.’

What people need to know is that the illegal ‘undocumented’ immigration problem is everyone’s problem, and it comes with a price. According to Wikipedia, nearly $190 million (close to 25%), of uncompensated costs along the Southwestern border county hospitals incurred resulted from ER visits (treatment) provided to illegal immigrants. Furthermore, the illegals that continue to rush through our borders in caravans…are undermining those that have been on the waiting list for months or even years to enter our country legally; it’s sad.

American citizens have to take the time to make sure their identities are safe; under no circumstances should you leave personal information in the open anywhere; it’s our reality. Educate yourselves and know what to look for.

Make your week count.