This came to our email from Jan Sullivan, co-owner at Guns ‘n Guitars… Please, read it carefully and help…

Mesquite’s Night Out was a very enjoyable and impressive evening that drew a an amazing turnout of Mesquite’s residents and we were very proud to be a part of it.  However, one problem occurred that has us worried and we would like to warn all parents.
During the evening, a pink stun gun was stolen from our display table.  Although we are disappointed that someone would do that, we are more worried about into which hands that weapon might fall.  We are asking all parents to be on the lookout for the pink stun gun and on the listen for the loud crackling noise it makes.  If a young person stole it, there is the chance that it will be used improperly and someone will get hurt.  We do not want that to happen.  We apologize for not having better secured the items and will not make that mistake next year.
Thank you for being on the watch for this item and helping make sure this stun gun does not end up in the wrong hands.
Please contact Jan as soon as possible with any information at 702-346-4867.