Unnecessary gestures, remarks and, or any source of intentional harm, whether physical or mental, can send your heart and emotions into a tailspin… it’s aggravation (mean-spirited) and it happens every day to people. It’s easy to go on about the negative stuff taking place in the world day and night, just listen to the news. So, I’d like to keep things on a lighter note; balancing life with a positive spirit, promoting better health and happier thoughts. Keeping priorities in check and the mind at peace; it’s really all on the lighter side of life.

Life gets busy, whether it’s work, family, commitments or other things, we all have tasks in our days, at times being redundant. Sometimes bad choices in our life can be haunting, nagging our insides…preventing us from living life the way we should. What we need to do is find a little humor in each day; setting free our guilt and ailments that keep the spirit hidden beneath our soul. We must open our hearts and remember what makes us happiest in order to allow the sunshine back into our lives. It’s like waking up on the right side of the bed, where everything falls into place and the day is filled with smiles, having that easy feeling. It’s like gliding through the magnificent blue sky, a euphoric feeling. There’s such beauty in nature, but one must stand still for a moment, while quieting the mind. It enables you to see the beauty. I often put on the Natures Vision channel on Pluto TV; it plays soft music while showing the most beautiful places in the world…you can’t beat the scenery. In fact, sometimes when having company, I like to put it on (in the background), as it seems to promote conversations while feeling relaxed and happier in general. It’s by far better than staring at the television or smartphone, with no conversation.

We should encourage happiness and for all to rejoice; after all, isn’t it what everyone wants in life, just to be happy? Taking life too seriously can be harmful to your health; it brings added pressure and stress. You can be supportive of those you care and love, but don’t internalize their stress. Take care of your body and mind first, stop worrying about things you cannot control, including others. Also, one must realize that money does not buy happiness; Love and relationships bring happiness, it’s a fact. I know some of these things might sound a bit redundant, but sometimes we all need a reminder of what we should be doing; taking life less seriously. Step outside and look at this beautiful universe (stars, sun, moon, the galaxy) …catch your breath and know that your time is limited here on earth, so why waste any of it anymore? Decide to live less stressed, carefree and happier…and do unto others the same; it’s contagious.


Make your week count.