MLN- Prisilladec18-14Prisilla Mancha, fifth grader at Beaver Dam Elementary School, is being honored this month as in the AcKIDemic Spotlight.  She has been selected for her outstanding citizenship, leadership, and scholarship.  Prisilla is a student who takes school seriously and sets a high mark for others to follow.  She is an excellent role model and good friend to all of the eaglets at Beaver Dam.

Prisilla and her family live in Scenic.  Family members include Sindy, Pricilla’s mom, Antonia, Ernesto, Perla, Violet, and Xavier.  Perla is fifteen years old and goes to Beaver Dam High School.  Xavier is a first grade student at Beaver Dam.  Violet is eight months old.  Prisilla has many relatives who live in Chicago, and the family frequently takes trips to visit them.  Prisilla was born in Chicago and enjoys the cold weather and many opportunities for adventure.  However she prefers the tranquility of Scenic as opposed to the many loud noises of Chicago.

When not busy with schoolwork, Prisilla enjoys a competitive game of basketball. She enjoys relaxing at home and watching movies with her family.  Her favorite books are nonfiction.  She especially enjoys reading about ways to keep the environment clean.

Prisilla has attended Beaver Dam E.S. since kindergarten.  When asked what she likes best about school, she quickly replies “the nice teachers”.  When asked what advice she would give to her fellow students in order to be successful, she advocates that they “stay in school” and “study a lot”. Prisilla’s personal favorite subject is math.

Prisilla plans to go into medicine when she grows up.  Although she hasn’t yet decided on the college she will attend, she is looking forward to serving others by being a good doctor.  She may set up her practice in Chicago.

Prisilla is an excellent example of what makes Beaver Dam such a positive learning experience for the students who attend this school.  She is caring, thoughtful, and a hard worker.  Then entire Beaver Dam community commends her on her outstanding progress and Alexander Eagle, mascot and protector of the school, extends to her the honored two-wing salute!