In the cauldron of Nevada a treasure lays waiting to be discovered.  Beauty beyond imagination greets both the south and the north entrances as the fire of red rocks awakens all your senses and stirs your heart.  For millions of years this has been sacred land as the great sculptor, Mother Nature, created her magnificent works of art.  You will see “bee hives,” “elephants,” “cities” and small villages nestled among the rocks.  Petrified wood scatters the floor and rainbows of plants and flowers color the land.  Among my favorites are the pictographs and petroglyphs created by others long, long ago. I can still feel their hands as they left their “graffiti” on the walls everywhere in the Valley.

Tuesday, April 2, at Noon, Mesquite Fine Arts Center and The Brown Bag Cultural Series is presenting, Free of charge, a wonderful presentation from Valley of Fire Park Ranger, Rosa Prasser.    She will give us valuable insight into the historical background of our park.

Now then, you will want to take a day to explore this paragon of red rock wealth just one hour from Mesquite and one hour from Las Vegas.  Bring a picnic lunch, BBQ some hot dogs, explore the cracks and crevices on short walks or long hikes that will delight and amaze you, and anyone who comes along with you. Also visit the educational gift shop where displays of desert creatures greet you with their story and native art work is for sale.

See you then, 15 W. Mesquite Blvd, Mesquite, NV. Phone: 702-346-1338