The primary mission of the Virgin Valley Artists’ Association (VVAA) and the Mesquite Fine Arts Center is art education and community outreach.  The VVAA offers quality art classes each week, open to the community, with highly experienced artists as teachers.  In furtherance of its mission of art education, beginning in 2019, VVAA established a Workshop Committee to implement formal one to three-day art workshops several times a year with not only regionally-known artists, but also nationally known artists.  The Workshop Committee’s first official workshop for 2019 was with Phil Garrett and his two-day “Inside Acrylics” workshop.  Phil Garrett is a nationally-known artist working with Golden Paints in its “working artists program.”


The “Inside Acrylics” workshop was held on April 7 and 8 at the Mesquite Fine Arts Center and the results are in!  Everyone who participated in the two-day workshop was thrilled.  The old saying that “those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach,” certainly does not apply to Phil Garrett.  Being an artist with years and years of experience, and being able to teach all this knowledge to his students makes Phil Garrett a rare artistic find indeed.  To quote some of the students:

“This workshop was terrific – I learned so much”

“Phil Garrett is an acrylic encyclopedia!”

“The (Presenter) is fantastic!”


Phil started day one of the workshop teaching students the best way to prepare supports, (canvas, linen, wood panel etc.) to get the most from acrylic painting.  He also discussed the use of heavy body, “open” and fluid acrylics.  The students were very excited about Golden Paints new “open” acrylics:  an acrylic paint with a longer drying time, but still a water-based medium.  He also covered the use of acrylic gels to create surface texture and alter consistency and to extend and economize.  On day two, students, using their prepared supports (canvas or panel), painted two still-life works, and learned about under paint, over paint, blending and glazing.   And to top it all off, in between teaching and while students worked, Phil provided the entertainment!

Many thanks go to Phil Garrett and Golden Paints for a terrific workshop!  All students hope to see Phil return for another workshop at the Mesquite Fine Arts Center.

COMING SOON!  Watch for details on our website,, and in local media for details on our next workshop happening in October!


The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is located at 15 Mesquite Blvd., Monday through Saturday, 10am – 4pm; phone:  702-346-1338.