March 16, 1918: Milton Earl of Bunkerville and Miss Erma Frehner from Littlefield from this place went to St George to attend conference.

March 17, 1921, Washington County News: All aboard for the bridge opening celebration at Bunkerville and Mesquite tomorrow. The D.N.C band left this morning for Bunkerville to take part in the big “Bridge Opening” celebration at that place. A number of our citizens have signified their intention to attend the celebration. Jos. J Milne returned last week we he had been for several months serving a contract to hauling the steel work for the bridge across the Virgin below Mesquite and Bunkerville, a million and a half pounds, from St Thomas to the bridge site, 34 miles. The bridge is to be formally open tomorrow and there is to be a big celebration.

March 17, 1916: John Kinney and Chas Seegmiller Jr. left for St George yesterday after spending a few days rounding up cattle.

Brigham Hardy has returned from Goodsprings where he had been freighting the past few months.

Willis Guearo and family have moved down from Goldstrike for the summer.

Bunkerville: Yesterday the Relief Society ladies took a lunch and went to the hills and had a jolly good time.

Bunkerville: The young folks danced last night on the new school building floor. The basketball boys leave for Reno Monday.

March 20, 1917: Harmon Wittwer came up (Santa Clara) from Bunkerville NV last week to visit family and friends.