Ewell Rudy Day has the cast of Trouble on the Train all tied up for the Virgin Valley Theatre Group’s fundriser. Come discover How the Virgin Valley Got its Name. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

If you’re not otherwise tied up, join the Virgin Valley Theater Group as they tell the melodramatic tale of “Trouble on the Train” or “How the Virgin Valley Got Its Name.”

The cast is ready to serve up a mess of laughs while Eureka (Ted Ung) serves up the lizard.

Old Digger (Dave Campbell) has died and left behind nothing but a bunch of puzzles that need to be solved.  The first was given to his granddaughter, Penny Less (Brooke Helsten). The second piece to his long-time best friend and Sheriff, Rick O’Shea (Travis Daigle) and the last piece to the love of his life, Mona Littlemore (Marie Palmer). Together they must solve the puzzle to find their hearts’ desire.

The When the “Bride Train” pulls into Lizard, Nevada, things begin to happen, and no melodrama is complete without a villain. Ewell Rudy Day (Glen Bjornson) is about as crooked as they come and wreaks havoc on the big wedding, the town and in the Wet Your Whistle.

You won’t want to miss these four along with a cast full of zany characters on the big treasure hunt to solve Digger’s puzzle.

The zany cast of the Virgin Valley Theater Group’s fundraiser and melodrama is ready to serve up a ton of laughs and a little lizard. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Nancy Arnold is the co-writer/director of the Virgin Valley Theater Group’s fundraiser Trouble on the Train or How the Virgin Valley Got its Name; it appears one of her actors is on the loose. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

You especially don’t want to miss the big wedding.  Who doesn’t love a big wedding and Lizard’s is the best especially with the lineup of “guest preachers” and the mayor who will perform the marriage ceremonies; a different one for each performance? It’s not a wedding like the Vanerbuilt’s had, but it’ll do just fine for a small town, group wedding.

This show is a fundraiser for the Virgin Valley Theatre Group and was written by VVTG’s own Nancy Arnold and Sue Kjellsen; they’ve written in plenty of places where the audience can boo, hiss, cheer, applaud and even sing along, if you’ve a hankerin to do so.

There’s a rip-roaring good time to have in Lizard; you’ve just got to get there. No, you don’t have to ride in on the bride train or shoot yourself in the foot for a ticket, you’ve just got to mozie on down to the Mesquite Community Theater March 8, 9, 15 or 16 at 7 p.m. or for you folks who don’t get out much past sundown, March 10 or 17 at 2 p.m.

You can even come watch your own preacher get em hitched; here’s the dates:

March 8: Pastor Bill Stevenson, First Baptist Church

March 9: Mayor Al Litman

March 10: Rev. Dr. Jim Lubach, Mesquite United Methodist Church

March 15: Pastor Rick Jackson, Calvary Chapel Mesquite

March 16: Bishop Brian Wursten

March 17: Pastor David Constien, Mesquite Lutheran Church

A special thanks goes out to all the guest preachers, the mayor and Joan Dunkle and Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue for use of the costume for Donkey Shane (Sandee Trout).

For more information on tickets, visit the VVTG’s website at www.vvtgnv.com, the Mesquite Community Theatre’s website, www.mctnv.com or call 702-345-4499.