Years ago I wrote a short piece about my life, and how it’s a rollercoaster of events, so all should enjoy the ride!  There were no regrets, at least in my world. Needless to say, those words were destined to change in my vocabulary, and ‘regrets’ followed shortly after that written piece; is it ironic…probably. Since then, I’ve dealt with a lot; from relationships and loss, to stolen identity and a fair share of health issues. At the time of each and every event, my feelings began to pull at my heart, while I began to question myself about decisions I had made, while owning up to mistakes; this wasn’t something I was accustomed to. Anyhow, it’s been a lengthy recovery, but learning how to overcome those feelings of regrets has been the biggest challenge in my life, so far. Are regrets bad? I believe they are…there’s nothing positive about them and the obsession can take over your mind, leaving you feel dark inside…making it hard to find happiness. I wanted to take the time to share my experiences and what I believe can make a difference for anyone suffering from regrets.

Life Happens; this we know. That’s what makes this a journey…we write our own stories. We have the ability to always change our minds when someone asks us what we want to eat…so why is it so hard to change our mind as to how we want to live… it shouldn’t be; Fear plays into everything. Getting over regrets is a must, in order to continue your life’s journey while creating a new path toward your future. In fact, I was told there is no such thing as regrets, because what we need to learn is ‘HOW’ to cope and move on from there. Everyone at some point has made a bad decision about something. We must let it go, so we can share in a more fulfilling life. Regret also tends to make one bitter at the world, or towards others; this outcome will only make it difficult for you to feel joy for people in your life. Disappointments are a part of life and everyone has them, so knowing perfect relationships don’t exist either… shouldn’t come as a surprise. We should be able to show emotions of empathy for one another and practice gratitude; compassion is essential for fulfillment. Self-forgiveness is a crucial element, as this comes with the territory while feeling regretful. It’s easier to be stuck in the past…than to work out all of your feelings, and forgiving yourself. Transforming the present moment into something more positive takes a bit of work and doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a conscious effort to want…and to learn ‘how’ to change your thoughts. Negative feelings can turn into self-worthlessness and even worse…severe depression. The past is past and no one on earth can change that. Don’t keep rehashing it; it serves no purpose what-so-ever (I’ve been good at that, and it’s not appealing). Our thoughts can change how we react… behaviors, feelings and daily motivation. Live your life and don’t let yourself be a prisoner of regret; allow yourself those mistakes made, knowing you’re not alone…we are all human. Let yourself be free of what is past.

Find what makes you truly happy and work at forgiving yourself. Read a positive affirmation every morning or at days end. Recently at Barnes & Nobles I picked up a new magazine ‘Live Happy’ and loved it! I recommend this for everyone. The articles are awesome and have minimal advertisements. Here, I leave you with the words from Rita Mae Brown ~ “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from Bad judgement.” This is how life works.


Make your week count.