To the Editor:

I just wondered how many pet owners in this town have run into a problem with treating their diabetic animals?  The problem I am referring to is finding syringes small enough to give them their insulin.  For some reason, no pharmacy in this town seems to stock our vet recommended 29 gauge, 1/2 inch needles.  I finally had to resort to ordering from Amazon.  I cannot be the only one that finds this frustrating.  Our dog requires 6 1/2 units twice a day.  Therefore, the syringes need only to be 0.3 ml, or 30 units.  We keep being told to keep our business in town, but how can we?  This is a basic need.  We have no problem getting his insulin, but it’s pretty bad that we can’t get the syringes to match, and we’ve tried using the 30 gauge, 5/16 inch ones.  The problem is you have to be damn sure you’re giving a skin shot, and not a fur shot, hence the advantage of a 1/2 inch needle.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Amy Marshall