Climate Change is real but unfortunately that science has been irrevocably corrupted by the environmentalist movement and the “down with America groups”. Their never ending scare stories are used to generate money and gain self-importance. Many of their scare stories have even turned out to be deliberate lies, they have cried wolf so often that anyone who looks at the real facts, no longer believes their outrageous claims that the world’s ecology is in danger of collapsing and that it is caused by mankind.

Climate change is caused by the cycles of the sun. Today the earth is mostly temperate but we’ve had at least two ice ages and we’re now back to a temperate climate and all this happened long before man came along and it will happen again and again. Man’s activities has very little to do with it.

It mostly comes down to solar cycles, all the other planets in the solar system have no pesky humans yet their warming or cooling directly correlate to the warming or cooling of the earth. Why, because the sun dictates the climate, not human beings. More energy hitting the earth from the sun it gets hot, less energy hitting the earth from the sun it gets cold, it’s that simple. It is true that volcanos and asteroid hits can change the climate but those events are rare.

The Climate Change people are saying that free scientific enquiry has ended and pronounced that “the science is settled,” at that point true scientists left the building. The current cult of Climate Changers is a scam and when their models don’t work, they just change the model to keep people in perpetual fear.

The reason for dishonesty over the climate change debate is simply that it has been hi-jacked by political leftists as a ready-made vehicle to assert a Globalist ideology upon nation-states. For this ideology to work, they need to have control over all the world’s resources. Otherwise, more competitive countries would attract the best people leaving the Socialist bankrupt. We have seen this before and are seeing it now in the countries that have followed this path.

The Globalists/Progressives desire a one world government to create their ideal vision of a utopian society, which doesn’t necessarily have to be democratic with free speech, free markets or even borders. They think they are so smart that they can run the world with just one government, theirs.

The latest Green plan unveiled by the Democrats is a good example of the Globalists/Progressives strategy to kill the Capitalist’s goose that lays the golden eggs for those who want to work for them. It is hard to believe that some people take the plan seriously. Those people who present such junk science are either ignorant or just want to destroy America. Plus their ego is so big that they think they can abolish the use of carbon based fuels and move us back to the horse and buggy era. If that occurred America would ceased to exist as any economic power, there would be mass poverty throughout the world and a role back of human rights, that has not been seen since the communists took over Russia, China and Cambodia. Is that what these people have in mind?

It was not too long ago that it was global cooling taking over the world. Nothing was going to grow in snow and the animal populations would die off everywhere on earth. After a while they noticed that it seemed to be getting warmer so they shifted their story to support that fact. The warming they are talking about is about .8 of one degree Centigrade increase since 1880s and no warming has not occurred in the last 18 years. Some might say not true, look at the NASA data, that group has been caught several times modifying the data to quote “Normalize it” which means changing it to show warming. Of course we must realize that their jobs and the grants they get depend on showing climate change.

The Globalists/Progressives are attempting to lure us into a New World Order which will not improve the world, but will destroy the Capitalist economic engine that allows people anywhere in the world to be able to rise from poverty, to great wealth, however they do have to work for it.