Dear Editor:

It is seldom that we impose ourselves on government for help.  However, in early December, I mentioned to Mayor Litman, how eliminating access for cancer clients to drive within 10 feet of our cancer office at 150 N. Yucca, causes some of our clients a hardship – some can barely walk and to minimize their walk was wonderful when they could park so close to our front door.  That access was blocked when a curb went in.

Mayor Litman took it upon himself to request the City rectify the problem when I asked if it would be possible to turn the walkway, in front of our office (facing north), into a handi-cap ramp for cancer patients; it is currently the closest to our entry door.

Here we are just into February and our handi-cap  ramp is in and being very well utilized!!

THANK YOU, Mayor Litman for your attention to resolving our dilemma so quickly; we are truly grateful!

Mesquite Cancer HELP Society

Yoli Bell and the Board of Directors



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