By Travis Lauterbach

Did you get them? I didn’t get them or give them this year, but I’m not surprised. It’s not upsetting either. Because if I got them, I’m not sure where they’d be kept.

Three French hens.

Today is the third day of Christmas and, at least according to a song, the traditional day for one’s true love to give that particular gift.

Christmas slowly drifts into the memory bank as something that’s come and gone, and decorations are being stored away even as you read this.

However, the season has only just begun.

Christmas celebrates the birth of the promised One who saves from the bondage of sin and death.

Jesus is none other than the Lord God come from heaven above to earth below. He is God in flesh- fully God and fully man.

Something incredible happened with Jesus’ conception and birth. God, who is transcendent over all creation, joined Himself with creation in order to redeem the fallen world.

He came to lay down His life for the sins of the world and open paradise to any and all who believe.

This birth is a super big deal!

And for that reason, the Church doesn’t let this significant event come and go so quickly, but continues to celebrate for many days. Among some Christians, the birth of Jesus is celebrated beginning from January 6 or 7.

There are ways to keep the celebration going that don’t have to involve French hens or drummers.

These can include carols, Bible readings that relate to the coming of Jesus, Christmas devotions, attending Christmas services throughout the festival season, creating a special Christmas themed calendar with activities to help mark the days, or finding ways to give just as the gift of Jesus has been given to the world.

Some people still have parties and get-togethers even after Christmas Day.

There are many ways to keep the festive celebration going just a little longer after the big day.


Travis Lauterbach is the pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located in the Falcon Ridge Business Park in Mesquite, NV.