Miracles happen, and while many of us believe in them, some will try and explain it as scientific findings or a given reason(s) as to how or why the event occurred. The miracle is an unexplainable event which can be attributed to the supernatural being (God or Gods), such as a miracle worker, or saint. Miracles can take place anywhere at any time, and for those of us who believe in the ‘unknown’…like the Heavens above, it is our undeniable faith that allows us to see and or believe such things. Believing in miracles keeps the hopes and dreams alive for all who seek them; having ears to hear them and the eyes to see them.

There are testimonies of miracles, healings and truly inspirational stories that are shared through books, movies and word of mouth. If you have an open heart as well as an open mind, then you know that miracles exist. The movie ‘Heaven is for Real’ was a story about a 3-year-old boy who underwent surgery and came out with his own version of heaven, not to mention the people (deceased family members, including Jesus) he saw there; it’s difficult to deny this child’s experience. A more recent example of a miracle would be the 2015 accident in Utah, in which the female driver of the car plunged into the frigid river…leaving her deceased; yet her 18-month-old daughter was left hanging in her car seat upside down. Fourteen hours later rescuers explained they heard a woman’s voice calling “Help me!” from inside the car, but it couldn’t have been…because the mother had died most likely at impact. The daughter survived, and the voice helped save her; a miraculous miracle for sure.

Smaller miracles happen more frequently; example being…You’re running late to an appointment, then you get stuck by a train…but by the time you get through approximately10 minutes has passed, you quickly notice a horrific accident. Had you not been stopped…due to the train…the accident could have been you. I believe that this was Divine intervention. If we look at things in a similar way, then the possibilities of miracles could increase. There are multiple stories along these same lines.

Christmas time is no different when it comes to miracles. There are plenty of movies that support and share these ideas while embracing the true meaning of Christmas, in which we all long for. It’s that special time of year when hearts are filled with joy, that can often turn a nonbeliever into a true one; it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

May you all be filled with love, faith and hope as you discover life’s truest miracles, one day at a time.


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