Now that the election is over and the democrats have won the U.S. house we will start to see the economy slow down as they try to block everything Trump proposes. Their focus is not on America, it is on regaining power consequently, all those who supported the democrats, will begin to see the results of the choice.

Nevada is particularly vulnerable because the people also elected democrats to the majorly in both the executive and the legislative branches of our state. The craziness that is in California will soon be ours.

A good example is proposition 6 which would require the state’s power companies to supply 50% of the energy they sell to be renewable. Sounds good as we could be greener and who could be against that? And of course that’s what California is doing now. What is not said is the price of renewables.

Today much of our power comes from natural gas generation because it is cheap and plentiful. As said during the campaign, our electric rates are lower than the national average and much lower than California. Comparing a recent Southern California Edison bill to an Overton Power bill reveals that the $120 bill in Nevada rises to about $277 in the Golden State.

Why, is a good question, and the reason is that one state must purchase a lot of renewables at very high prices and one gets the cheapest power on the market. If Nevada requires more renewables then it will cost more as it always does when there is a forced demand.

Why does it cost more, because the price of solar and wind has been subsidized for years to even bring them into a reasonable price range. Even with huge government subsidizes solar is still about 3 times the energy market rate. Since it does not run at night you still need the other plants. As Obama said “your energy prices will necessary skyrocket.”

This kind of craziness will prevail in more than the energy field so Nevada, brace yourself, the Democrats are taking over Nevada. Without any check on the Democrats they will drive Nevada over the same cliff California is headed for. Those who left California know what is coming and those who have lived here or other states hold on to your wallets as it will be very costly. But it will be a sanctuary for some, just not the kind you might want for neighbors but the voters made that choice. An unfortunately they will reap what they have sown.