Nov. 1, 1909: Afton, the 3 year old son of Joseph H and Amelia Reber had the misfortune to dislocate his elbow by a walking plow falling on his arm. Edward Bunker Jr set the arm.

Nov. 1, 1909: Halloween night was celebrated in an appropriate manner. After the ghosts disappeared, the evening was spent in singing, reciting and dancing.

Nov. 3, 1908: Election all over but the people are unable to vote on account of our officers not doing their duty. The registration books were sent in too late and no primary election was had. We as Republicans do not feel satisfied with the situation and feel like it is carelessness on the part of the Democrats.

Nov. 3, 1908: Alvin Reber and Harvey Frehner left to go over the mountains to the cattle range to get our cattle.

Nov. 4, 1899, Littlefield: Our population has increased by by the arrival of a ten pound  baby boy to  the Samuel Reber Jr family.

Nov. 4, 1899, Littlefield: A Leavitt passed thru here on the way to Bunkerville with the body of his brother, Orin Leavitt, son of our neighbor Dudley Leavitt. He died Saturday night at the Terry’s ranch on the Beaver Dam wash.

Nov. 4, 1899: Samuel Reber Jr, Harry Frehner, and Albert Strasser left on the 31st with part load of cotton for the Rio Virgin Mills. The two last mentioned had also each from five to eight hundred pounds of raisins, which they will trade in settlements of Iron County for products of our northern neighbors.