Hello Mesquite Residents,

My name is Linda Gault and my husband, George, is running for City Council Seat 3.  I’m sure you are as tired of all the political discourse as I am, but I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you something about my husband.

It’s unfortunate that mudslinging, lies and false accusations are needed when a candidate isn’t sure he or she will win an election.  It’s happening at all levels of government – locally and beyond.  Ethics and truth seem to be missing.

We recently attended an open house party where those attending could hear what George had to say about current issues facing our city and talk in more depth about his background and vision for Mesquite.  At the gathering a gentleman came up to me and said, “You must know your husband fairly well.”  To which I replied that I certainly hoped so after being together 32 years.  He then asked me to describe George using five adjectives.  Without hesitation I replied, “Humble, honest, trustworthy, loyal and kind.”  His reply, “You have confirmed what I had already decided in my own mind.”

As George’s wife, I can say without doubt that George is the type of person you want to represent the City of Mesquite.  His education, past work as both a County Administrator and County Planner, and his extensive work history in both the private and public sectors give him the requisite skills to serve this community well.

I know George will make the best decision possible for the good of the community now and in years to come.  I thank you for your consideration of George on November 6th.  Vote GEORGE GAULT, CITY COUNCIL, SEAT 3!


Linda Gault