Last week, a letter was published supporting Annie Black’s opponent for Seat 4 in the City Council election.  Sadly, that letter spent more time taking cheap shots at Annie than it did highlighting the strengths of her opponent.  As I believe wholeheartedly in our First Amendment Right to Free Speech, I support this person expressing her opinion.  I believe, however, that it demonstrates the negative character of Annie’s opposition, which the people of Mesquite have a right to see.

Since declaring her candidacy for Council, Annie has run a clean campaign based on her merits and what she offers the Citizens of Mesquite.  In that spirit, I would like to tell you some (true) things about Annie and about her vision for Mesquite.

Annie was born and raised in Las Vegas and has deep roots in Mesquite.  Her family opened the Virgin River Casino in 1990 and has remained loyally involved and dedicated to the success of our community.  Annie began practicing real estate in 1999 and is currently working on building two new businesses in Mesquite.  Annie’s fiancé, James and their two sons Tommy (16) and Tyler (13) chose Mesquite as their home because they were drawn to the friendly people and safe, beautiful community.

She is a proud American who believes in personal responsibility, individual liberty, and limited government.  On the Council, her number one priority will be to represent the values of the citizens of Mesquite.  As a business owner, she is passionate about revitalizing our city and economy.  She would love to transform our “downtown” into a charming place, full of shops and restaurants, where our community can gather and enjoy our city, while also attracting tourists.  Her third priority is supporting our first responders in maintaining our status as the #1 safest city in Nevada.

Annie Black is endorsed by Teamsters Local 14, who represent our Fire and City Staff, and businesses like Mercy Air, NRC Contracting, Deep Roots Harvest, Danielle’s Chocolates, LV Auto, John’s Diesel, Bulloch Brothers Engineering, Mesquite Pharmacy, and Green Valley Grocery, to name a few.  Annie has the endorsement of our State Assemblyman, Chris Edwards, Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Michelle Fiore, and Mesquite City Councilmen, George Rapson and David Ballweg.  Most importantly, she has been blessed and honored to personally meet and earn the support of thousands of Mesquite citizens.  I know she will continue to listen to us and thoughtfully represent us on City Council for years to come.


Linda Shannon