It is basic science that natural order in the universe comes from laws of nature and not from humans. And, because it is Halloween, it is fair to add that neither do natural laws come from laws of the supernatural. Now that I’ve planted that seed, go ahead and think about all the possibilities when you run into zombies stumbling, witches and warlocks casting spells, and any number of gauze-wrapped mummies seeking candy treats this evening. They’re all just kids celebrating–really, nothing to fear ….

Well, enough of that now that I’ve double checked my locks, drawn all the shades, and refilled my wine glass; back to determining order when it comes to how humans react to human imposed laws, aka politics. The people we elect into political office are mere mortals, just like the rest of us. They and we, in our human state, adhere to an order of importance. Individual free choice comes from natural order. But transitioning to human order, family comes first–the most sacred level. Religion is one of those issues up for debate. Different people can file religion almost anywhere in this pecking order, some may even put it first, above family, while others would never consider even putting it on the list. Fair enough. John F. Kennedy made it clear that his religion would not influence decisions within the confines of his elected office. Others, like Rev. Franklin Graham, seem to be conflicted on where religion is ranked. In defense of Donald Trump’s adultery, he claims it is “nobody’s business.” It is between him and his family. But relating to Bill Clinton’s unfaithfulness, Graham contends that “private conduct does have public consequences.” From those statements, Rev. Graham seems unsure about what position religion holds in human order.

So, let’s just say religion is a floater in this discussion. Family first and then country. We call on our elected officials to create and enforce fair laws that help the greater good. Last in this political order comes loyalty to party. This is where, on the lowest level, individuals can differ on more versus less federal government, more versus less regulation, the balance between socialistic programs and a capitalistic economy, and on and on. But, when the toll is human rights, freedoms, or equal access, the scale has to tip toward the higher-level rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We ask our politicians to consider country above all else.

It is important that politicians have political theory to refer to when making decisions. There is nothing wrong with being partisan when voting on laws or making decisions on how existing laws are to be enforced, but applying party politics comes after we are sure existing laws are humane.

If you follow this column with any regularity, you know I am partisan. It is part of my job writing this commentary to express my opinion. If I have given you any information or influenced you to change or solidify your own opinion, I’m pleased. However, that part of my thinking is political order–the lowest level. I am first and foremost dedicated to my family. Next, I am a patriot. I want this country to flourish and function in a way that honors the original intent of the founders. Part of that intent was for everyone who is eligible to vote.

We need to function first on the higher-level order and be sure the path is clear for everyone to easily and fairly get to the polls. We should not be withholding registrations for inane reasons and we should not be moving polling places miles out of town simply to restrict access. Those who call for only one party or the other to vote are operating in the lowest level of human order. I do not care for whom anyone chooses to cast their ballot. If everyone voices their opinion with a vote, we all win. Lawmakers will be those chosen by all the people–those who have a clear mandate to legislate.

It is up to each of you to cast your votes giving a Herculean effort to match your family’s best interests with the candidates vying on your slate.

Candidates have to considers the higher levels of order too. They get to ask for your vote. They may not tell you how to vote They may not intimidate or scare you into making voting decisions. Especially, they cannot lie to you. Neither can I lie to you. I will continue to communicate my opinion about issues, often partisan, but always truthfully in hopes you are motivated to exercise your franchise. If a 100% voter turn-out ever came to pass, no matter the outcome, it would be the United States’ proudest moment.

Many choose one party, many choose another. A few even choose a third or fourth option. Fine. Unfortunately, the largest bloc is the group who choose not to vote or are blocked from voting. Let’s see if we can improve on this travesty. By November 6, be sure you vote and be sure your neighbors and friends have no roadblocks that you can bulldoze away. Baby sit, drive, loan bus fare, baste the pot roast while your aunt goes to the polls. Do whatever it takes. Let’s see how close to 100% we can get.