Oct.12, 1908, Bunkerville: At a water board meeting held last week, our ditch master was changed. Lister Leavitt of Mesquite has been running it but thinking it would be better to have a man from our own town in charge, they gave it to Albert Bunker.

Oct.12, 1910, Bunkerville: the threshing is all done and the thresher has gone to Littlefield.

Oct. 13, 1911: Mr. and Mrs. Whicker are in town tonight on the way to their town at Burtner Utah. They have been to Littlefield visiting Mrs. Whicker’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iverson. Mr. Iverson came down with them and is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Arthur Bunker.

Oct.15, 1908: Orange Earl has returned from Enterprise where he has been working the past three months.

A kind of cholera morbus is taking the rounds of the children.

Oct. 16, 1914:  The young people are coming on nicely with their brass band, which is going to be an improvement to mesquite. We have a fine school and all the students are greatly interested.

Oct. 17, 1914: Jessie Waite has put up a new kitchen.