On Friday, Oct. 19 the Mesquite Interagency Group will hold a conference to end violence against women and girls. Speakers will include representatives from Safe Nest, a domestic violence shelter in Las Vegas; Nevada Public Health Foundation, talking about statutory rape laws in Nevada (what statutory rape is and isn’t); New Hope Foundation International, talking about human trafficking; and the Rape Crisis Center, talking about resources and supports. If you are a woman or a girl who a) owns a cell phone; b) has access to the internet; or c) has friends, you need to be at this conference! There’s no specific age limit. Knowledge is power! If you KNOW a woman or a girl who fits this description, you need to be there too! The location is First Baptist Church, 700 Hardy Way, Mesquite, NV. Doors open at 7:30 am. The conference is free, there will be a free breakfast and free lunch served to those who have registered in advance. To register, go online to www.eventbrite.com. Keyword: violence, City/Town: Mesquite, NV, then hit the search icon to the right. Answer the few questions to let us know if you need an interpreter, plan to eat lunch, etc, and you’re done when you hit submit. If you have questions or issues registering, call Kim Gilbert: 702-346-4696 ext 35, or 435-676-3950. We still have about 100 spots available, but we need to get an accurate count ASAP, so don’t wait! Register today!