As the years pass by with the ever-changing seasons, the clock never stops ticking and like the growing trees living among natures bountiful beauty…we will age with every passing minute. We’re like a fine wine that improves over time. Balancing life takes a bit of practice, so it’s no surprise that most would feel more confident in their life at an older age, as well as wiser. It’s been earned through the years, as life’s trials and tribulations prepares us for those aging years; hence the wrinkles that’ve been earned. These are some of the benefits we will learn to embrace as we grow old.

Aging comes with more stability and self-worth; looking forward with a positive well-being attitude on any given day; not worrying about careers or whatever others may even think about you. Because no matter what happens in your day, you know deep inside yourself that the stress of those earlier years can’t possibly come back; the past is just that. Oh, the benefits of aging can be glorious. No alarm clocks, no set schedule to adhere by, just a new-found freedom.

Then there are the senior discounts, which can also be nice, as there are numerous money-saving benefits offered to aging individuals. Depending on the senior age, there are travel discounts on Southwest Airlines, Amtrak and on some Charter Bus Company’s. The same will apply for restaurants, as some are just ‘55’ for discounts on menus; Denny’s along with Fast-Food places like Chick Filet, Wendy’s…etc. McDonalds offers seniors a free or discounted coffee, and there’s a variety of discounts found throughout most cities today. Some chain stores (Bealls, Family Dollar, Kohls, Ross’s, Goodwill) offer discounts for seniors and military on certain days of the week, including some grocers (Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, Walgreens). There’s no shortage of discounts found in services, including home improvements and auto repairs; the perks are simply great, you just need to do a little research. Always check with AARP and AAA for discounts as well.

For some individuals it takes some ‘getting used to’ at this stage of life, but don’t worry…settling in won’t take long. The stress is alleviated because most of life’s big decisions are usually made in younger years (kids, employment, house purchase, etc.). You’ve done your best to lead a good example to your children and other family, so it’s time to unwind. Do the things you like, whether it’s a new hobby, making new friends, vacationing or doing home projects; just do it. Aging has benefits…and should be looked at in a positive light. Stay active…  you’ll be sure to enjoy your life no matter what age you’re at.

Make your week count.