October 5, 1910, Bunkerville: A number of men and boys have gone to repair the road between here and Moapa, $400 being appropriated from the county for that purpose.

October 5, 1912: We have been having wind and rain for several days so much rain up the river that floods have come down and taken out part of our dam. No water in town now.

Harmon Wittwer has bought a lumber building that was on the Orange Earl place and moved it onto his lot.

Hugh Bunker is preparing to go to Cedar City with raisins from the grape farm.

October 6, 1911, Bunkerville: Wednesday afternoon Lem Leavitt with several of the young ladies went to the fields to eat melons and bring some squash home.  While riding along through the upper part of town one of the squash rolled of striking one of the heels of the horses and they started to run. The sideboard fell off, letting Lem off with it. He was trying to stop the horses when the side board caught him, throwing him under the wheels, one running over his body. Miss Thirza Leavitt fell on to the tongue with one girl behind her. They rode that way until they could catch one of the lines and pull the horses over. The remaining girls jumped out of the wagon some of them getting sever bumps and bruises. The worst being Mabel Leavitt who got a gash on the back of her head that bled quite badly.

October 7 1911, Las Vegas Age : County Commissioners meeting. Upon Petition, Stephen Albert Bunker Jr of Bunkerville was appointed Justice of the Peace for the Bunkerville district upon filing bond of $1000.

October 10, 1914: Hector Bunker and family, Thomas Leavitt, jr and family and Lem Leavitt have gone to Enterprise, Utah, after a load of potatoes.

Solon Huntsman has been to Enterprise after a load of potatoes.

Con Neagle and Thomas Leavitt are making some good molasses.