I recently needed a new cell phone and did not want to go up to the St. George store since I had some not so good experience there in the past.  I went to the Mesquite store and was absolutely amazed at the wonderful service I received.  Jose, the store manager ordered me the phone I wanted after spending some time with me explaining everything. I was leaving for a two week trip so he told me the phone would be in the store when I returned and to come in and they would transfer everything from my old phone to the new one and explain all of the features of the new phone as well. I returned and Jose was out running errands so Nicholsen, the assistant manager took over.  He did a fantastic job of explaining everything to me.  I would highly recommend to anyone that has issues with their phone or needs a new phone to go see these highly intelligent and polite young men at the Mesquite Verizon Store.

Judie DePew