If you’ve recently graduated high school and haven’t decided what you want to do, the Career Coaches at the One Stop Career Center would like to talk to you.  They offer tuition assistance in classroom and online training in high demand careers fields.  “Our participants have received training and certification in information technology, cosmetology, massage therapy, truck driving, medical assisting and web design,” said Operations Supervisor, Dianne Jones.  Most of these participants are now happily working in their chosen career field.  Trainings can last as long as a year, but many are only 6 – 12 weeks long.  The One Stop also offers on-the-job training opportunities for individuals who don’t necessarily need certification, but who lack the skills or experience necessary to perform a particular job.  Through partnerships with local employers, participants receive supervised hands-on training as they are performing the job.  This is a great opportunity to earn as you learn.  The center also offers resume writing and job search assistance.  Whether you are looking for your first job or starting a second career, the One Stop Career Center has services that can help you.  They are located inside the Mesquite Library Learning Center, across the street from the new library, at 121 W. 1st North Street.  They can also be reached by phone at 702-780-8230.ogoe