Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 46 calls this week:

Abdominal pain 2

Agency assist 1

Allergies/Sting 1

Breathing 4

Chest pain 2

Citizen assists 1

Falls 5

Fight 1

Headache 1

Hemorrhage 1

Overdose 1

Patient transport 11

Psychiatric 2

Sick person 6

Stroke 1

Suspicious person 1

Unconscious 3

Unknown problem 1

Vehicle fire 1

Aug. 26:

Agency Assist:  Rescue 11, Rescue 32, and Truck 31 responded to an agency assist structure fire. Rescue 11 and Truck 31 were cancelled while enroute. Rescue
31 assisted with interior investigation with Bunkerville Fire.

Vehicle Fire: Truck 31 responded to a single passenger vehicle fire agency assist with Beaver Dam fire. Truck 31 helped with the extinguistment of vehicle fire. Truck 31 was released by Beaver Dam. Truck 31 cleared from scene.

Aug. 27:

Allergies/Sting: Rescue 11 was dispatched for a person having an allergic reaction. Patient was transported to our local hospital.

Unconscious: Rescue 11 & 32 responded to a report of an unconscious patient. Patient was transported to a local hospital.

Aug. 28:

Citizen Assist: Truck 31 assisted an elderly couple who required assistance with changing their smoke detector batteries.

Unconscious: Rescue 11 and 32 dispatched to a local grocery store for a report of a patient who has lost consciousness. Patient was transported to a local hospital.

Aug. 29:

Psychiatric: Rescues 31 and 32 responded with Mesquite PD to the report of a possible psychiatric problem. After investigation no patients were transported to the hospital.

Aug. 30:

Chest Pain: Rescue 11 and Rescue 31 responded to report of an individual with chest pain. Rescue 11 transported one patient to a local hospital.

Breathing: Rescue 31 and Rescue 11 responded for report of breathing problems. Rescue 31 transported one patient to th

Aug. 31:

Suspicious person: Rescue 31 responded to evaluate an individual for Mesquite Police Department. Rescue 31 was canceled by dispatch en route to the call.

Fight: Rescue 11 was dispatched out for a person with a laceration. Person denied transport signed against medical advice form.

Overdose: Rescue 11 and Rescue 31 responded for an overdose person. Patient was sleeping and refused any care. All units cleared.

Sept. 1:

Patient Transport: Mesquite Fire & Rescue dispatched to transport a female legal 2000 psychiatric patient. No female crew member was available so the transport was given to Beaver Dam Fire Department.

Unconscious: Rescue 31 and Engine 31 responded for a reported unresponsive person. Person refused transport and signed Against Medical Advice form.

9/1/2018 6:41:16AM Falls Rescue 31 responded to a person that fell. Lift assist only.