Will the Western High School Warriors be the third 3A Sunset League opponent to taste defeat at the hands of the VVHS Bulldogs. On paper this game should be a route for the 3A Poll leading Bulldogs. Western finally won a game last year after losing 43 games in a row. Despite defeating Rancho early in 2017, the Warriors have started a new streak with 10 straight losses. Rancho defeated the Warriors 30-7 in the first game of the season. to stop their 19 game losing streak and 4A Desert Oasis crushed the Warriors 62-7 last week. Granted D.O. is a good 4A squad and that should be considered when reviewing the loss. Will this game be the opportunity for Bulldog coach Matt Woods to stop pulling out his hair after three close victories, or maybe rest some of his starters during the game? The major area of concern for the Dawgs is there lack of depth in the skilled positions. Attrition should be a concern for the Bulldogs as it has been in past years. Winning league is always a good thing but moving on to State is foremost on the minds of the Bulldog coaching staff and the faithful. The Bulldogs should have this in mind against the League’s doormat. The Bulldogs should come away with a victory over the Warriors, but the margin of the win will be a coaching decision. That’s why we play the game.