Sept. 1, 1908, Littlefield: I. C. Thoreson, the boss of the survey, and W.C. Filer, the capitalist, were here looking over the irrigation project. Mr. Filer was greatly pleased with the company here and its prospects. He stated that the railroad would no doubt come by the way of Saint George siding on the Meadow Valley wash. Frank Reber took them through the Narrows (Virgin River Gorge) to St George from where they intend to make their way to Salt Lake City and on to New York City to report their findings and then we will hear what will be done.

Sept. 1, 1908: Robert Reber of Littlefield has gone to Moapa to carry mail for C.M. Peterson

Sept. 2, 1905, Bunkerville: A number of enterprising citizens dug a well about 65 feet deep We have a windmill and pump on it, so are not without water when the ditch is dry, besides many people have good cisterns that hold between three to eight thousand gallons.

Sept. 2, 1916, Bunkerville: Men and boys have been working on the auto road and have almost completed to the Arizona line.

Sept. 2, 1916: Mr. Kelly, the principal of our school and his wife arrived here (Bunkerville) last Saturday.

Sept. 3, 1908, Bunkerville: On the morning of the first, a flood, larger than has been known for years, came down the Virgin River carrying with it timber of all sizes, gates and lots of debris, in consequence we will be without water for at least a month. Our dam and head of the ditch is gone. The raisin farm will lose at least a thousand trays. Lots of other trays were out but not badly damaged.