Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 39 calls this week:

Agency assistance 1

Allergies/Sting 2

Breathing 1

Chest pain 2

Domestic 1

Falls 4

Fire alarm 1

Headache 1

Heart problem 2

Heat/Cold 2

Miscellaneous 1

MVA with injury 2

Patient Transport 10

Sick person 6

Unconscious 2

Unknown problem 1

Aug. 19:

Domestic: Rescue 11 on a stand by for an agency assist with Mesquite Police. No patient contact. Rescue 11 cancelled by Mesquite PD.

Heat/Cold: Rescue 32 responded for a person who had a heat related problem. Patient signed out against medical advice.

Aug. 20:

MVA with Injury: Rescue 31, Rescue 32, and Engine 31 responded to I15 North Bound for a vehicle roll over agency assist with Bunkerville. Four patients transported to hospital.

Heart Problem: Rescue 31 and Rescue 32 responded for a person with heart problems. Patient transported to hospital.

Aug. 21:

Breathing:  Rescue 32 and Chief Two responded to an elderly female complaining of shortness of breath. Rescue 32 transported patient to the local hospital.

Aug. 22:

Fire: Truck 31, Truck 11 and Rescue 31 responded to a report of a structure fire at a multi-story building. The fire had been confined to a carpeted area in one room, and had been extinguished prior to arrival. The smoke was forcibly removed from the affected area and occupants were allowed back inside.

Aug. 23:

Heart Problem:  Rescue 11 and Rescue 31 responded to report of heart problems. Rescue 11 transported one patient to a St George area hospital.

Aug. 24:

Sick Person:  Rescue 31 responded to assist Mesquite Police Department on report of a sick person. On arrival individual did not have any medical complaints and did not want medical assistance.

Aug. 25:

Chest Pain: Rescue 31 and Rescue 32 responded to a local business for a complaint of chest pain. Upon arrival, patient initially accepted care, and then abruptly got off the gurney and walked away.

MVA with Injury: Truck 31 and Rescue 11 responded to I-15 mm 120 in the median for a single vehicle rollover. Both occupants were out of the vehicle upon arrival and denied medical care.